Find Out What Our Customers Already Know…

“Every time I read a new ETI press release, I am reminded that we made the right choice purchasing Triad.”

Mark Henry, Duo County Telephone Cooperative

“We have enjoyed a long and beneficial relationship with ETI. ETI’s staff members are always available when we need them — just like a part of our team.“

Jennifer Dewell, CNS Television

“ETI’s proven solution improves the installation, activation, service and billing of our fiber products and integrates seamlessly into our existing architecture.”

Darrick Zucco, Cincinnati Bell

"As the City of Wilson's OSP Engineer, I am responsible for all the OSP design, construction, installation and maintenance of our city’s fiber optic network. Using Overture GIS saves me time and makes my job easier. I can now quickly analyze a route, find available capacity to serve new homes, see existing plant assets, plan best construction routes and even compare different options to select the lowest cost / best design. The tool is user-friendly and provides all the data I need in one location."

Gene Scott, Greenlight Community Broadband

"Proactive service is the key to keeping customers happy and running a network efficiently. Overture GIS has guided our network expansion, increased efficiency across all business units, and improved customer service satisfaction - helping consistently maintain a churn rate of less than 2 percent."

Will Aycock, Greenlight Community Broadband

"ETI has been absolutely the finest vendor I’ve had the pleasure of working with in my close-to-40 years here. You’ve been an integral part of so many significant initiatives here at MTS and I could always count on your responsiveness, professionalism and friendliness."

Barb Bouvier, Systems Analyst, MTS

“ETI is a company whose products actually perform exactly as described in its sales materials.“

Alan Young, CTO, CloudBurst TV LLC

“We continue to be impressed with ETI’s ability to adapt to new technologies like IPTV and FTTH. It translates into less investment and time necessary for us to deploy.“

Kelvin Shepherd, MTS Allstream

“Solo Field Tech increases our efficiency, which allows us to better manage subscriber premise service and increase customer satisfaction.”

George Benjamin, Morristown Utility Systems

"I love the software and I really like the support I receive from ETI…whether I need help, something is broken or if I am just looking for a tool to make my job easier, ETI is there for me."

Tiffany Murphy, GVTC
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