ETI’s Remote DVR is a web-based application that allows Mediaroom subscribers to remotely schedule DVR recordings from any PC or web-enabled device. ETI’s Remote DVR (RDVR) creates a better user experience through multiple online features and simple navigation.

ETI is also offering a mobile version of RDVR that provides a full-featured RDVR experience on mobile devices. Deploying both the PC and mobile versions of ETI’s Remote DVR will allow subscribers to manage their DVR from any web-enabled device, including an iOS (iPhone), Android, or Window Mobile device.

Remote DVR Features:

  • Online program guide for DVR scheduling from any web-enabled device.
  • Channel Guide matches subscriber’s channel lineup.
  • Record Icon indicates previously scheduled recordings.
  • Allows previously scheduled recordings to be canceled.
  • Allows for recorded programs to be deleted from storage.
  • Programs can be scheduled for recording once, or configured for series recording.
  • Prioritize the deletion of DVR shows/event.
  • Supports the addition of starts and stop buffers.
  • Supports Dynamic Title Search.
  • Guide can be filtered on a variety of pre-defined filters.
  • Guide sorted by channel number.
  • Guide allows for PPV events to be ordered and recorded.
  • Pay-Per-View channels are displayed and are available to purchase

ETI’s remote DVR application can also be supported on other video technologies, including HFC and IPTV systems.