For entities implementing Open Access Networks (OAN) via a fiber-based network, the business model of choice is a Wholesale Service Provider (WSP) and Retail Service Provider (RSP) relationship. Many technical and business challenges face OAN initiatives, from public works construction issues to operating advanced technology, and managing services and billing those services.

ETI and its flagship product, Triad, can provide the following advantages to the central wholesale authority, as well as the RSPs purchasing services from a WSP. Automated provisioning gives any OAN provider power to quickly manage billing, activation and order entry while controlling operating expenses and government dollars.


WSP Advantages

  • WSP would not need to perform manual data-mining procedures to determine fiber usage per physical location (consumer address). All usage information would be securely available through Triad to generate reports and bills.
  • The data in Triad is “accountable,” in that it is responsible for activation, as well as wholesale billing, ensuring data accuracy from RSPs and vendor partners.
  • No need to be familiar with each FTTH technology. Triad shields all of this from the OAN provider and provides direct flow-through provisioning for all FTTH technologies.
  • OAN’s billing system will be fed all usage/rating information automatically.
  • Triad provides WSP billing system with critical information on whom to bill and how much, per RSP, with billing/rating information supplied directly to WSP’s billing system for ingestion into the RSP billing process.
  • In the case that WSP operates a service aggregation (e.g. video aggregation) business for its participating RSPs, Triad can provide all video provisioning, billing and rating information.


RSP Advantages

  • Triad provides each RSP with a User Interface to input provisioning requests for fiber infrastructure servicing the customer without multiple manual processes.
  • All billing and rating information feeds directly to the RSP billing system, and is automatically available (with respect to fiber provisioning of bandwidth) to WSP database and OSS/BSS/CRM back-office.
  • Triad can tie physical address data to RSPs, as a portal or via an interface, to help them determine subscriber status for service delivery.
  • Triad can also provide Order Entry, Work Order Management, Device Inventory and service provisioning for video/voice/data to each RSP, integrated into their existing OSS/BSS/CRM back-office systems.