Rapid Integration of Any IPTV Middleware

Rapid rollout of video services has become critical for service providers to compete in today’s marketplace. ETI's solution is designed so that any legacy billing or enterprise operational support system will easily integrate to any middleware platform, including Mediaroom, Minerva and many more.

The ETI Advantage

ETI’s OSS solution is pre-integrated, out-of-the-box, with any IPTV and middleware platform. Offering a fully integrated solution for a wide array of IPTV systems reduces the time and risk inherent with one-off custom integrations. Choosing a fully integrated and field-proven solution eliminates operational costs and errors that are expected with dual entry systems.

Considering Mediaroom?

ETI is the North American leader in Mediaroom B/OSS integrations, providing complete support for every version of Mediaroom. ETI’s Mediaroom integration supports a wide variety of features required for service activation, like Stream and Bandwidth management, STB Client Version management, PIN Management, PPV and VOD order collection and processing, Entitlement validation and Account management.

ETI also offers a suite of advanced applications such as On-Screen Caller ID, Remote DVR, Visual Voicemail, On-Screen Caller ID, MultiView Mosaics and On-Screen Set Top Box Registration.


Choose between a user-friendly Windows-based graphical User Interface or Simple Host API that provides:

  • Full subscriber management
  • Video services/package assignment
  • Set-top inventory management and assignment
  • Access Stream Count or Bandwidth Management
  • Pay-Per-View (PPV) and Video-on-Demand (VOD) purchase governor and inquiry
  • Enhanced features include On-Screen Caller ID, Visual Voicemail, Remote and Mobile DVR, On-Screen Set Top Box Registration and more
  • Optional Pre-Paid IPTV solution integrated with Mediaroom