Robust Application Suite for Managing FTTx Deployments

Harness the power of Vision360 for managing your fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network. The ETI solution enables quick-to-market entry that streamlines operations, keeps mistakes to a minimum, and decreases customer churn.

As more and more service providers deploy and operate FTTx, concerns arise as to how legacy billing applications will handle the unique demands of managing fiber-related services and provisioning. The personnel required to manage an FTTx network, especially if multiple technology vendors are in use, can result in high operating expenses and low customer satisfaction.

ETI’s Vision360 is the solution. Our suite of fully integrated Vision360 modules allows FTTx network providers to efficiently and accurately manage the day-to-day operations no matter what lifecycle stage your network is in.

Vision360 FMS is a comprehensive set of tools for designing, constructing, and maintaining a passive optical network. In support of these functions, it also includes service address management, work orders, device inventory and prospect tracking to jump start signing up subscribers.

Vision360 OSS and BSS modules include service rating, subscriber and service management, work order management, service provisioning, device management, and end-user billing. All automated and with flow-through to any billing system, it's a must for any new fiber network as well as a way for more mature networks to roll-out new services, faster.

Vision360 ACS is a vital device management tool to remotely help subscribers with simple service issues among their multiple devices within the home. Completely integrated with Vision360 OSS, your customer service team can match device to subscriber in seconds, solving problems faster and increasing customer satisfaction.

Vision360 Analytics is a robust geospatial analytics tool that allows you to activate, manage and trouble-shoot your network and devices, subscriber services and locations. A powerful tool that improves service assurance and operations, this is the one platform that can transform your customer satisfaction level.

Vision360 IoT takes service providers to the next level by integrating connected home devices and non-traditional telecom devices to back-end systems to generate new revenue streams.

The ETI Advantage

A key Vision360 advantage is the ability to select and implement only those modules that are currently lacking in the enterprise. The provider benefits from only buying what is necessary yet still maintaining the integrity of fully inter-operational components, effectively eliminating lengthy and expensive integration projects.