TVticket enables service providers to deliver customized, prepaid video (IPTV, cable, satellite or RF Digital) service. This add-on software module allows service providers to increase cash flow by offering subscribers self-activated services.

Benefits of providing prepaid services include capturing revenue before the video is consumed and reducing the operational costs associated with processing complimentary PPV and VOD movies. TVticket also provides a prepaid Video/FTTH solution serving as a platform aimed at familiarizing customers with new FTTH services.

Tap into new revenue streams

  • Self-activated via On-screen (EPG), online, ARU/IVR or CSR
  • Capture revenue from no-bank or no-credit accounts
  • Great for promotions and marketing efforts

Choose from multiple delivery methods

  • STB or website
  • Email
  • SMS Text
  • Scratch/magnetic cards