ETI’s enconcert is a flexible yet comprehensive billing and provisioning solution tailored to meet the challenges of offering new services such as FTTH and IPTV as well as voice, RF Video or high-speed data services. Its instantaneous activation is integrated to all major technology vendor platforms.

All aspects of broadband service delivery are are supported and integrated via ETI’s proven flow-through provisioning system, including:

  • Billing, Accounts Receivables, Collections and Statement preparation
  • End-to-End Billing and OSS Capabilities
  • Powerful Voice, Video and Data Services Order Entry and Rating Engine
  • Calculates all recurring charges, credits, taxes and franchise fees
  • Supports special packages, campaigns and discounts
  • Integrated work order management and scheduling
  • Provides flow-through provisioning of IPTV, xDSL, FTTH, RF Video, VOD, Softswitch technologies, etc.
  • Comprehensive inventory management of CPE (Customer Premise Equipment i.e. set-tops, ONT’s)
  • Total control and tracking of all set-tops and ONTs, including bulk import of CPE and device assignment
  • Automated Pay-Per-View (PPV) Schedule Management and Purchases Collection
  • Imports PPV purchases from middleware for subscriber billing
  • Reporting capabilities for PPV and VOD purchases