Introductory Ad Insertion System

ETI’s CrossPRO ad insertion solution is a cost-efficient, slimmed-down introductory system that focuses on promoting services across ad channels without the hefty investment of a full-blown ad insertion system.

A perfect fit for service providers who want to establish roots in the local ad insertion market, CrossPRO makes it possible to place cross-channel promotional ad spots as well as automate all service offerings and promotional announcements. A crucial strategy to grow revenue and increase customer base!

Core Functionality

CrossPRO is a turn-key ad insertion platform that provides the capability to air real-time, cross-service, cross-channel promotional material and locally produced content. The single server supports both ad insertion, Long Play Format (Local Origination) and public service announcements (PSAs). The CrossPRO system supports digital broadcasts and streaming capabilities for up to 10 channels.

Scalability and Upgrade to VideoDirect 6000

The hardware platform is non-proprietary and allows for easy scalability to support larger or expanding systems with greater capacity and a variety of ad channels. To expand CrossPRO, the system can be upgraded to a full VideoDirect 600) ad insertion solution, which includes ETI’s comprehensive Traffic and Billing software and Digital Encoding Station. The VideoDirect 6000 upgrade also allows for revenue generation, third party ad spot insertion.

Interactive Advertising

CrossPRO, in conjunction with an interface to ETI’s Triad (subscriber management, billing and provisioning suite), offers an interactive advertising service allowing subscribers to request and receive information from interactive ad spots. This application currently runs within the Microsoft Mediaroom framework. ETI Software Solutions is a member of the Microsoft Mediaroom Application Developer Platform.