Geographic business intelligence to proactively manage, monitor and monetize your network. Overture GIS is the only solution that integrates real-time subscriber data, plant management records, fiber and network element information, and workforce management into one easy-to-use, customizable GIS platform.

Overture:Customer Care

Customer Care & Service Assurance

Gain deep insight into Quality of Service to ensure a superior customer experience by proactively responding to SLA and workforce management issues.


  • Enhance revenue assurance through proactive monitoring diagnostics
  • Faster issue resolution
  • More efficient workforce mobilization which reduces truck rolls
  • Minimize service-impacting events through proactive monitoring
Overture:Customer Care

Network Planning & Management

Ensuring your network meets the needs of both subscriber and operator is an iterative process, encompassing topological design, network-synthesis, and network-realization. Whether you are in the midst of a greenfield deployment or maintaining and expanding your network, Overture GIS network planning and management capabilities will help you succeed.


  • Predict network demand and target growth areas
  • Analyze capacity to improve efficiency of network infrastructure utilization
  • Inventory monitoring of fixed assets for reclamation for cost savings
Overture:Network Planning

Engineering & Construction

Work smarter and support your entire telecommunications network at every stage: design, implementation/deployment, maintenance and growth.


  • Optimize design and network management to save time and improve efficiency
  • Map network elements for use by the design team
  • Integrate headend equipment records with fiber records

Sales & Service Delivery

Growing sales while managing service design and delivery requires knowledge and assessment of customer’s profile, history, expectations and requirements. Overture GIS turns your customer and network data into actionable business intelligence that enables you to improve your customer’s experience, identify new revenue opportunities, and assure existing revenue streams.


  • Analyze current, future, and projected revenue to stimulate service area expansion
  • Assess customer churn and geographic patterns, and devise cross-sell, up-sell or win-back strategies
  • Study serviceability and prioritize network expansion areas to most profitable areas

Market Analysis & Planning

Overture GIS gives you the tools and information to transform your data into meaningful business intelligence. It empowers you to make smart decisions about your business, such as cross-sell/up-sell opportunities, potential new markets, and underperforming regions within your existing footprint.


  • Chart demographic service consumption information about your customers and prospects, and create targeted marketing campaigns
  • Plot usage, including PPV & VOD purchases, high bandwidth use customers, total bill amounts
  • Analyze the relationship between customers and potential customers, and revenue and potential revenue
Overture:Market Analysis