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ETI leads the industry with over a dozen successful Mediaroom deployments

ATLANTA, GA – FEBRUARY 20, 2013: Enhanced Telecommunications, Inc. (dba ETI Software Solutions, is proud to announce that BVU Authority OptiNet has successfully deployed the Triad B/OSS integration software and suite of subscriber apps as part of its Microsoft Mediaroom-powered QuantumVu broadband entertainment service, reinforcing ETI’s position as the North American B/OSS Mediaroom integration leader.

“We were a satisfied CableBridge customer of ETI’s since our system launch in 2002,” said OptiNet CTO Mark Lane. “They were displaced through an integrated BSS/OSS conversion in 2009, but persisted in maintaining a great relationship with us afterwards. That revealed a great deal about their character as both a company and individuals to me, and we always knew their software and service was top-notch. When we were presented with the challenge of integrating Mediaroom, we had no doubt ETI would quickly deliver a feature rich and resilient solution; these guys really know their stuff.”

“We are absolutely thrilled to have BVU Authority as a customer again,” said Frank Gine, President of ETI Software Solutions. “It is a testament to our philosophy of maintaining good relationships and exceeding service providers’ needs as they evolve over time.”

In addition to integrating BVU’s CHR billing system to Mediaroom 2.0, ETI is providing BVU a suite of on-screen apps, designed to reduce customer churn. “ETI also integrates Mediaroom with our Metaswitch to provide subscriber-facing apps such as On-Screen Visual Voice Mail and Caller ID,” explained Lane. “These ‘sticky’ apps, in addition to RDVR, appeal to our subscribers for their convenience as well as their innovation.”

“Leading-edge companies like BVU continue to turn to ETI for our depth of knowledge about Mediaroom,” said Gine. “Our stronghold on this industry is because we have a proven track record of successful deployments, multiple technology integrations with a host of widely deployed billing solutions and a suite of world-class subscriber facing applications; it’s a powerful combination of software, experience and know-how.”

ETI is an active member of the Microsoft Mediaroom Applications Developers Program whose engineers are frequent panelists and guest speakers on Mediaroom-related topics.